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unpo in old Tibet, Liu added. The three amassed a fortune that included 321 manors, 147,000 mu(24▓,500 acres) of land, 26 pastures, 110,000 heads of cattle and 40,000 serfs. 銆€銆€Feudal manor serv▓ed as the basic economic organization for ownership, dis▓tribution and cultivation of the land in old Tibet. 銆€銆€There existed three major feudal manors: Pal▓a, Khesum and Lagyari. The Pala Manor in Gyangze Prefecture belonged to th

e big noble family the Palas. As a senior official under the Dalai Lama, Pala owned 40 manors and pastures as well as 9, 000 mu (1,500 acres) of farml▓and. This family, with only 12 members, possessed 1▓5,000 heads of cattle and 2,500 serfs, 100 of w

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hom, Nangsans (household slaves). 銆€銆€The Khesum Manor was owned by another powerful noble -- Wangc▓hen Gelek, who also had dozens of manors. It ▓covered an area of 1,200 mu (240 acres), with 400 serfs and 100 Nangsans. 銆€銆€Tibetan people in traditional dress celebrate the fi▓rst Serfs Emancipation Day at home in Qamd

o, sou▓thwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, March 28, 2009. ▓(Xinhua/He Junchang)銆€銆€The former housekeeper of the Lagyari Manor, who is now

e▓em their land. 銆€銆€The practice to distribute land to ▓serfs was warmly welcome by the Tibetans, Liu said, since then, the Tibetan

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